Sesam launches new video blog

As a Bouvet employee or customer, it is highly likely that you have heard about Sesam. You may have heard about us in the hallways or visited our website, but do you really know what Sesam is?

Sesam is a separate entity within the Bouvet corporation, and is developing and selling Software-as-a-Service to its customers. The product is a Hybrid Integration Platform delivered as a Service that has a unique approach to your business- and IT-architecture challenges, a Datahub serving as a central store for all your data, flows and processes.

The description might just sound like marketing blurb when you are not familiar with what Sesam do, which is why Sesam has decided to create a video blog. The video blog has a purpose; to explain what Sesam does through various use cases. Each blog post will explain a situation where Sesam can be used to solve a business problem or to make a process more efficient.

To see our first vlog post go to:

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